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Service NameDescriptionCategoryLocationPriceUnit
Basic Virus and Spyware RemovalRemove the nasty viruses, spyware, adware and malware from your computer.Installation of Antivirus with 1 year subscription.
(labour only)
Virus RemovalIn Store$55Fixed
Level II virus removalThe Level II virus package is required when we are unable to remove the virus without damaging the operating system. With the Level II package we will backup your data and restore your computer to its factory settings.
(labour only)
Virus RemovalIn Store$125Fixed
PC/Laptop FaultyAssess your need and recommend the most suitable option for you.Repair/Replace the faulty component.
(parts are charged separately)
PC/Laptop Repair and UpgradeIn Store$75Fixed
Installation of a Device, Load device driverInstall your device, along with any necessary software and drivers, and test it. Hard Drive, Ram, and Fan,Power adapter unit, video card, DVD drive, Blue ray, etc.
(labour per device)
PC/Laptop Repair and UpgradeIn Store$25Fixed
Windows UpgradeUpgrade your operating system to Windows7 or Window 8 Install a new operating system.
(labour only)
OS Install and UpgradeIn Store$75Fixed
Software InstallationInstall any Windows or Linux software applications/suites onto your computer.
(labour only)
Software ServiceIn Store$55Per Hour
PC/Laptop Tune UpWe make your computer runs like new again.This service includes:
  • Hard drive defragmentation
  • Disable unnecessary programs.
  • Remove unneeded/unused files, update out-dated files, etc.
  • Clean-up Windows registry and windows cache.
  • Checking hard drive health.
  • Remove dust from inside the computer.
  • Clean-up some unused applications that might slowdown a computer, etc.
Tune UpIn Store$70Fixed
Network Setup Set up wireless or wired network at home or business.Wired/Wireless network$80Per Hour
Data BackupWe can help you to take backup of your computer to an external media.
(price varies depend on the file size)
Backup and RecoveryIn Store$5520 GB
Data RecoveryIf you have lost valuable information, due to a virus, corruption, or you accidentally deleted a file, we can help you get your data back.
(price varies depend on the file size)
Backup and RecoveryIn Store$5510GB
Independent Advise and ConsultingFREE 1 hour consulting and tailor a solution to suit your individual needs.IT Technical supportIn StoreFREENone
Remote SupportRemote support all over AustraliaRemote/Onsite support$110Per Hour
Onsite SupportOur engineers come to your house to fix the problem.
(throughout Melbourne)
Remote/Onsite support$80Per Hour
Email Set UpWe can help you to setup a desktop email client (Outlook, Windows Mail, etc.).
  • Set up your Internet-based email account.
  • Configure your desktop client to send/receive Email
  • Troubleshoot and fix any errors of Email clients.
We can restore Emails, address book and internet favourites to their original programs and locations
Email Set Up$80Per Hour